April 1, 2022

2024-03-15 | 04:45:05

"If you want your car to look new again, Take it to these guys. Rick is always down us great"
December 9, 2021

2024-03-15 | 04:45:06

"This body shop was such a blessing to me!!! Thank you Mr. Rick for not taking advantage of an opportunity to make money or of me especially being a woman!!! You just earned yourself a new customer (when needed) "
November 23, 2021

Cheryl Suddith | 2021-09-27 19:44:24

June 2, 2021

Jacqueline Plumley

"Nice shop, great people good work. I will be using this shop for any work we need done in the future."
June 2, 2021

Cameron Harrington

"My family has always used this bodyshop for repairs and after myself using them a couple of times, they're the only ones that will fix any vehicle I own. Rick has been a great person to work with and the work they do is near perfect."
May 2, 2021

Ralph Barnes

"We had hit a deer and had a lot of damage to our van and went to Laton’s Body Shop for the repairs. They did a great job with the repairs and it was in a timely manner. The van looks like it did when it was new! If we have any other issues with vehicle repairs we will go to Laton’s Body Shop!"